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New Readers

Level 1
Doctor Dolittle

Level 2
The Treasure Seekers

Level 3
An Eskimo Adventure

Level 4
A Spy in Siberia

Level 5

Level 6
Brewster's Millions

Grade 6 - Level 1

The Mummy's Secret

Katie discovers a secret cupboard when she is visiting her uncle. She opens the cupboard and is taken back 2,000 years in time to ancient Egypt.
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The Prince and The Pauper

Prince Edward and a poor boy named Tom, who look exactly alike, swap clothes and trade lives. Edward learns what it’s like to have a cruel father and beg on the streets while Tom experiences being the son of a king and living in a palace.
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The Railway Children

A family is suddenly poor and must leave their comfortable house in London. A railway station, near their new home, becomes the children’s special place to play.
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The Three Musketeers

It is 1625, and a young man called D’Artagnan arrives in Paris and wants to be a musketeer, one of the king’s guards. Soon he meets three musketeers and joins them on their adventures.
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Five Children and It

Five children find a monster in the forest. The monster grants the children one wish every day, but the wish disappears at sunset.
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Message in the Sky

Sally is interested in space and is excited when she gets a telescope for her birthday. Little does she know that her present will help her solve a crime!
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The Adventures of Captain Crossbones

Captain Crossbones and his pirates attack a ship and take the ship’s treasure and the ship captain’s son. The boy, however, plans to escape and find his father.
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The Ghost Teacher

One day a new teacher arrives at West Hill School and very strange things start to happen. Who is this mysterious teacher?
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Grade 7 - Level 2

Anne of Green Gables

The Cuthberts decide to adopt an orphan boy to help them on their farm. But an 11-year-old girl named Anne Shirley arrives instead and changes their lives forever.
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Cathy's Dreams

Cathy was adopted from an orphanage in Sri Lanka by a family in England. When she has dreams that come true, she and her mum travel to Sri Lanka to learn the truth about her past.
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Hercules is the son of the god Zeus. Zeus’ wife hates Hercules and puts an evil spell on him, and his life is changed forever.
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Journey to the Centre of the Earth

One day, Professor Lidenbrock and his nephew find a mysterious message in an old book. An amazing adventure begins that takes them to the centre of the Earth.
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The Abandoned House

Amy doesn’t show up to meet her friends at an abandoned house. The friends want to know what happened to Amy and are taken on an adventure
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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer lives in a small town on the Mississippi River in the USA. Tom and his friend Huck Finn, both mischievous boys, have many exciting adventures together.
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The Evil Painting

Claire and Philip’s mother buys a new painting. The mysterious painting has an evil power over their mother. But why?
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The Secret of White Mountain

Sandy and Ricky are on holiday in the mountains. They are warned to stay away from White Mountain, but they are determined to discover its terrible secret.
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Grade 8 - Level 3

Danger at Shark Rock

Jenny is bored on the small Scottish island where she is spending the summer. One night, when a ship crashes into the rocks nearby during a storm, life starts to get interesting.
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This novel is set in eighteenth-century Scotland and tells the story of David Balfour. After he is kidnapped, David escapes and goes on an amazing adventure with his friend Alan.
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Kilmarny Island

The Parkers go to visit their strange aunt who lives on Kilmarny Island. But she’s not the only thing that’s strange about the island – there’s a man living on the island who is said to be a leprechaun.
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The Challenge

The team that raises the most money for a fund-raising competition wins a trip to Paris. Bobby, Helen and Lisa team up. Are they up to the challenge?
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The Ghost of the Green Lady

Mysterious things are happening at Billy’s new boarding school. There’s a thief on the loose and a ghost that haunts the lake near the school.
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The Hacker

Tony Baker is falsely accused of hacking into his school’s computer system. He goes on a mission to catch the real hacker.
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The Invisible Man

A scientist discovers how to become invisible. Then something goes very wrong.
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The Phantom of the Opera

A mysterious figure walks the corridors of the Paris Opera House. He is known as the Opera Ghost, but who is he?
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Grade 9 - Level 4

A Safari Mystery

How is it possible that there aren’t any elephants at the reserve Julie O’Neil is visiting in Kenya? Julie knows something is terribly wrong and decides to solve the mystery of the vanished elephants.
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Count Dracula is a vampire whose goal is to turn as many humans as he can into vampires. Will the war of good against evil succeed?
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Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist is an orphan who becomes trapped in London’s criminal world. Will he escape this life and learn the truth about his true identity?
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Olympic Kate

Kate Armstrong has always wanted to be a gymnast representing Britain in the Olympics. Her dream comes true, but then she is devastated when she tests positive for drugs and is disqualified.
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The Call of the Wild

Buck is part of a dogsled team that delivers mail to the people living in the frozen north of the USA and Canada. The story describes the harsh life of the dogs and the special relationship between man and dog under these difficult conditions..
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The Innocent Victim

Richard Anderson is arrested for a crime he did not commit and put in prison. It is up to his girlfriend Alison to prove that he is an innocent victim.
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The Ransom of Red Chief and Other Stories

The title story in this collection tells of a kidnapping that goes wrong in a humorous way. All the stories have an unexpected ending, which is what O. Henry is best known for.
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The Secrets of Silver Lake

Two brothers, Eddie and Jon Marks, are spending the summer in their cabin at Silver Lake. The boys begin a scary adventure when they learn that a gangster once lived in the deserted house next door.
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Grade 10 - Level 5

A Foreigner in Australia

From surfing in Bondi Beach, Sydney, to hitchhiking through the Outback, Daniel has an amazing adventure in Australia. But no adventure is complete without romance, which arrives in the form of Emily.
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Murder on the Beach

Linda Stevenson moves from London to Cornwall and thinks life is boring. But it isn’t boring for long – one morning Linda discovers a dead body on the beach.
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Pride and Prejudice

Mr. and Mrs. Bennet want to make good marriages for their daughters. This, however, is problematic in the society of nineteenth-century England because they are poor.
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The Client

While trying to stop a Mafia lawyer from killing himself, 11-year-old Mark Sway learns an important secret. The FBI wants to know the secret and the Mafia doesn’t want him to tell. Mark turns to lawyer Reggie Love for help, but in the end, only Mark can decide what to do.
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The Ghostly Visitors

A governess named Catherine Blake is hired to care for two children. It isn’t long before she discovers that the children are keeping dark secrets from her.
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The Woman in White

An art teacher meets a strange woman dressed all in white. When he tries to find out more about her, he discovers a mystery that involves greed and kidnapping.
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Grades 11-12 - Level 6

A Dangerous Rival

Andrea, the editor of the school newspaper, doesn’t care for the new boy on her staff or his articles about the supernatural. But the stories are very popular with the students. Andrea is very set in her ways, but will her feelings change?
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Death on the Circuit

The police think Bob Marsh’s death was the result of a drug overdose. But his children, Jack and Susan, think differently and set out to solve the mystery of their father’s death.
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A scientist named Frankenstein experiments with the secrets of nature and creates a monster. The monster escapes and begins to commit terrible crimes.
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Mansfield Park

Wanting to give her poor niece a better life, Lady Bertram invites 10-year-old Fanny to come live with her family in Mansfield Park. While she feels different from the rest of the family, Fanny realizes as she grows up that Mansfield Park is indeed her home.
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Washington Square

Dr. Sloper thinks that the penniless man his daughter, Catherine, is in love with is only interested in her money. Catherine is caught between respecting her father’s wishes and marrying the man she loves.
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