Eric Cohen Books was established in 1980 and has since moved from being an importer of English Language Teaching (ELT) materials to becoming the leading publisher in its field, specializing in publishing ELT books for school markets in Israel and abroad. 

The showroom in Ra'anana is designed to cater specifically to teachers' needs and is the largest of its kind in Israel, carrying everything an English language teacher may need: coursebooks, games, professional resource books and more. Teachers from all parts of the country come to browse at leisure through the shelves with professional advice on hand - and to enjoy a cup of coffee in a friendly atmosphere. We also welcome groups for workshops or for special events. 

All the books and materials in our shop can be ordered by email, telephone or fax. Service is prompt and many customers find our mail-order service unbeatable. For more information, have a look at our FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions).

In addition to in-house advice in Ra'anana, we have a team of professional advisers who visit schools and teachers countrywide. ECB advisers are available to discuss your book choices and to offer assistance with the use of materials.

As the teaching of English evolves and develops in Israel, ECB rises to the challenge of change, publishing new materials to assist teachers, whether it be with changes in the Bagrut examination or the curriculum. 

The key to Eric Cohen Books' success is quality, good service and a belief that our customers deserve the best. With help from teachers in the field, we hope to continue contributing to the teaching of English in Israel.