1When is the Eric Cohen Books shop open?
Opening hours are Sunday to Thursday from 8:30-17:00.
2Where is Eric Cohen Books and how can I get there?
27 Hata'asia Street. Eric Cohen Books is in the industrial area of Ra'anana, opposite the Renanim shopping centre. MAP
3How can I order books?
Call 09-747-8000 (24-hour answering service), fax 09-747-8001 or email orders@ecb.co.il to place your orders. If you leave a phone message or send an email, please make sure you include your full name and phone number so we can contact you as quickly as possible.
4How do I pay?
You can pay by credit card or send a cheque.
5Is there a teacher's discount?
If you are on our mailing list, you are entitled to 25% discount on your first copy of any ECB publication. You will automatically receive a teacher's discount on other publications.
6How can I get advice on the books?
At ECB we have a team of experienced teachers who are trained advisers. Our Ra'anana-based advisers are available for advice in the showroom and to answer your calls. In addition, we have regional advisers throughout the entire country who will come to meet you at your convenience.
7How can I find out who my school's pedagogical adviser is?
Please call ECB at 09-747-8000 and leave your name and number. Your adviser will contact you at the earliest possible opportunity.
8How do I make an appointment with my pedagogical adviser?
Call directly or leave a message at the offices in Ra'anana. Our adviser will return your call at the earliest possible opportunity.
9How do I get free copies of ECB books and digital materials?
If you are using an ECB publication with your class, simply ask your coordinator to send in your school's book list, adding the teachers' names and books they are teaching with in the current year. You will then receive a free copy of the coursebook and its Teacher's Guide. Please note that our digital material subscriptions have to be updated annually. If you are the English coordinator in your school and are not receiving free copies of our books for your level, please let us know.
10Can I have inspection copies of ECB books?
Inspection copies are sent to you for three weeks so that you have enough time to inspect the books at your leisure. After this time you can either purchase the books at 25% discount or return them to us.
11If I have written materials that could be suitable for an ECB book who should I contact and how?
Ask for Ellen, our chief editor for Israel, or Gay, our marketing manager at 09-747-8000.
12How can my students access Internet pages associated with ECB course books?
Have your students click the "Students' Area" link. They should first click on Elementary, Junior High or High School and then click on the name or picture of their course book This opens a page with a list of links according to each course book unit. These links will enrich their theme-based studies.

Important: Check linked sites before sending your students to them. These sites, although appropriate in content, may contain language above the class level. It is a good idea to provide guided activities to help the students find the information you want them to access.
13What are ECB Online Interactive Activities?
ECB On-line Interactive Activities provide enrichment opportunities for students. These activities enable students to access the vast resources available on the Internet in an organized manner.

The teacher's guide for each activity includes the suggested:
  • grade and language level
  • time frame
  • group size
  • prior knowledge required
  • objectives
  • step-by-step instructions
  • links to student activity pages
  • links to Internet sites
  • links to Internet resource sites, where required
  • suggested presentation activities

Links to student activity pages and Internet sites are underlined in blue. The full Internet address appears beside the Internet site link. Additional Internet sites, listed at the end of some of the activities, are intended to provide the teacher with more background information related to the theme of the activity. Some of these sites may contain language that is not appropriate for the level of your students. Please review these sites first if you intend to refer your students to them.

The students' worksheets contain step-by-step instructions for completing the activity and navigating the associated Internet site(s). The students have easy access to these sited from the Students' Area. The worksheets can be printed and distributed to the students.

Important: Because Internet sites change daily, we suggest you make sure that the sites you are using are active, and that the Internet address is still correct. We regularly check the sites referred to in the Interactive Activities. However, if there is a broken link or changed address that you discover before we do, please let us know at info@ecb.co.il..