Speaking is a workbook for the development of oral proficiency.

Speaking is approved by the Ministry of Education for 4/5-point high school students.

Speaking - Teacher's Guide

Speaking: Listenings

Listen to the texts in your book.
Click the links below to hear the audio reading of your text.

To download and save an audio reading file (mp3) to your computer:

  1. Right click on the page number.
  2. Click Save Target As or Save Link As.
  3. Choose folder to save file.
  4. Click Save.

Unit 2 - Meeting People
page 6, exercise B /  page 7, exercise E2

Unit 3 - Solving a Problem
page 9, exercise C

Unit 6 -  Going Shopping
page 13, exercise B

Unit 19 - Taking a Vacation
page 32, exercise B and C

Unit 21 - Doing Sports
page 34, exercise C

Unit 23 - Choosing a Career
page 36, exercise B